Paul McCreary Sports Pool

The outdoor Paul McCreary Sports Pool allows for team practices and individual athletic training. The pool can be configured for both competitive swimming and water polo practice and competitions.  It features eight, 25-yard competition lanes at a depth of seven feet, and three, 25-yard warm-up lanes at a depth of four feet. These lanes provide a space for younger competitors to train and allow a warm-up space during competitive events. 

The pool area includes a state-of-the-art scoreboard which can play video as well as provide information from a variety of data sources. The pool may be configured with starting blocks in the deeper water lanes, netting for up to two simultaneous water polo practices, and a starting system for swim meets.  

Programs offered include the Green Gators Swim Team, Junior Green Gators Swim Team, Aqua Aerobics, and Fitness Swimming/ Water Walking.  


The pool is open to the public during Waterpark hours when not in use for swim team practice and swim meets. The pool may be rented out outside of operating hours. Please visit this link for private rental information and application.  

Paul McCreary Sports Pool is named in honor of Paul McCreary, former Dublin Parks and Community Services Director, and his long-time, dedicated service to the community. 

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Private reservations for the Sports Pool will be accepted one year in advance. Check our Facility Rentals page for pricing and other terms and conditions of rentals. For more information, please email