Lap Swimming/ Water Walking

Fitness Swimming is offered to Dublin residents and non-residents.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations for the next week's Fitness Swimming schedule will open each Thursday at 10:00 a.m. Non-Residents can reserve a lane 48 hours prior to the desired fitness swim date.  Dates and hours are subject to change. For current fitness swim availability, please visit

Adults (14 years and older): 

Dublin Residents: $6 per person 

Non-Residents: $8 per person

Fitness swimming at The Wave is designed for participants age 14 years and older* who wish to swim for fitness by swimming regular/consistent lengths of the pool as an individually directed exercise program. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, and is especially beneficial to those who are pregnant, have back problems, or sore joints. People of all abilities are welcome. 

Lane Sharing Policy

During fitness swimming hours at The Wave, two individuals may now have the opportunity to share a lane. During the reservation process, each lane will have two registration spots. 

Fitness Swimming  Water Walking in the Sports Pool & Natatorium

The outdoor Sports Pool and Natatorium are heated to 82-84 degrees. Lane reservations will only be available in 45-minute sessions. Pre-registration is highly encouraged, but drop-in fitness swimming is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending on lane availability. Early pool entry is not permitted. 

Guidelines to follow:

  • Fitness swim/water walking is for Dublin Residents and Non-Residents who wish to swim laps for exercise or to water walk.  Recreation Swim is not allowed during the lap swim program. 
  • Two swimmers per lane (can be from different households).
  • Fitness Swim/Water Walking sessions will be scheduled for 45-minute sessions.
    • Participants are asked to arrive at the front desk lobby for check-in before their scheduled swim
    • If participants arrive early, they must wait until their scheduled fitness swim time to enter the water. 
    • There will be a 15-minute transition period between sessions.  Please leave the facility promptly after the session is over through the designated exit gate.
    • There is no coaching from the deck or teaching swim lessons during fitness swim hours

Additional fitness swimming reservations will open up each Thursday for the following Sunday - Saturday. 

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Sports Pool

Fitness Swimming/Water Walking: Summer 2022 (Reservations are 45-Minute Timeslots)

*dates and times are subject to change
Day Fitness Swim Start Times Location
Monday - Thursday 

6:00 AM
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
6:15 PM
7:15 PM

Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Indoor Pool Only
Indoor Pool Only
Indoor Pool Only
Indoor Pool Only
Saturday 7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Sunday 6:15 PM
7:15 PM
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Lane Depths

Lane  Depth Type
Lanes 1-8 (Sports Pool) 6 ft. to 7.5 ft. Fitness Swimming
Lanes 9-11 ( Sports Pool) 3 ft. to 4.5 ft. Fitness Swimming/ Water Walking
Lanes 1-6 (Natatorium) 4 ft. Fitness Swimming/Water Walking
Bay 3 (Natatorium) 3 ft. to 3.5 ft. Water Walking

Photography Release:

While visiting The Wave, I understand that photographs may be taken of me or my child during the course of said activity, and that these photographs may be used in the City of Dublin’s publications, including but not limited to recreation brochures, the City’s website, and the City’s Facebook page or other City social media sites.