Infant and Parent Classes

Studies have shown that early positive exposure to water helps children become successful swimmers in the future.  Explore the water for the first time together.  Learn proper holds, and transmit a love of the water to your little one.

Our Infant and Parent classes 
offer water exploration and education for infants ages six months through three years. Our goal is promote water enrichment and aquatic readiness activities for parents and their infants and young children. In this program, parents learn from the instructor's example how to guide their children through positive reinforcement and correct skills.  Classes will be held in The Wave Natatorium.
Oyster and Pearl
Oyster & Pearl: 6-36 Months
Explore the water for the first time together!  Oyster and Pearl is the first of three progressive levels for ages six to 36 months. The instructor uses games, songs, and activities to guide and encourage comfort and safety in the water for both child and parent. Parents learn proper holds to enhance learning and safety, and to transmit a love of water to your “pearl”. Children learn to relax and enjoy the water, as well as basic supported floats and movements. 


No experience necessary. A parent or guardian must be in the water with the child at all times, and child must wear a swim diaper.
Otter: 6-36 Months
Children “otter” be able to roll onto their back and kick to safety. The second of our three structured progressive classes, Otter parents and their babies or toddlers continue to develop water safety and comfort skills, and children learn beginning skills of turning over from front to back, and back-float for safety.


Completion of Oyster and Pearl, or the ability to demonstrate the following skills: Parents are familiar with and able to demonstrate safe and effective holds for skills practice on front and back, and give cues. Children able to respond to cues, go under water at least once, and front and back floats and kicking with support. A parent or guardian must be in the water with the child at all times, and
child must wear a swim diaper.