Adult Lessons

Lessons will be held in The Wave Natatorium.
Adult 1: Comfort
Adults and teens who are new to or fearful of the water learn basic comfort skills to set the foundations for strokes and skills, including correct head and body position for swimming, floating, and gliding.  Add kicking to the glide for propulsion on both the front and the back, and learn basic arm movements for freestyle swimming.  No experience necessary.

Adult 2 : Strokes & Endurance
Take your swimming to the next level!  You are comfortable and love the water.  Now learn swim strokes and skills necessary for building swimming endurance and breath-holding capacity.


Adults and teens who feel comfortable and independent in water at least chest deep and who can swim for safety and recreation.

Adult 3: Technique & Fitness
In swimming strokes, small changes can make a big difference!  Refine your strokes to get the most out of swimming for exercise and fun. Learn to integrate all parts of the stroke, improving rhythm and timing for speed and performance.  Perfect your freestyle and backstroke, and move on to breaststroke and butterfly when you are ready.


Students must be comfortable in deep water and be able to demonstrate at least 25 yards of freestyle swimming.