The Wave Swim School 

Get your goggles ready!  Housed in our Natatorium in comfortable 82-84 degree water, The Wave Swim School is a year-round swim program for ages six months to adult. The mission of The Wave Swim School is to provide quality swim lessons where students will be engaged, learn, and have fun in a safe environment.  Our goal is that all students finish their lesson with a positive experience of swimming, and to promote a life-long love of the water.  We start with fundamental swimming skills and strokes and build into stroke efficiency while including safety skills at every level.

We offer sessions Monday through Thursday (both mornings and evenings), Saturday-only, and Sunday-only sessions.  Each lesson is 25-45 minutes long depending on level and session.  There are no refunds for missed classes, and you must wear a swimsuit and bring your own towel.  Join us and take home valuable life-long skills!


The prerequisite for any level is the minimum age requirement for the level, and successfully passing the previous level or showing all the equivalent skills. Choose the level where the child has mastered each skill listed in the prerequisite for that level. Mastering a skill means that the student can perform the action three times successively.

To ensure an ever growing love of the water and swimming, we encourage students to enroll in a class for which they are ready. The Wave Swim School staff will assess and move students on to the next level when they are ready.   Please note: We may combine classes due to the needs of the participants and/or the program. 


 is currently open for Summer 2017 classes. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

  1. Infant and Parent Classes

    Our Infant classes promote water enrichment and aquatic readiness activities for parents and their infants.

  2. "FUN"damental Levels

    Learn about the"FUN"damental Swim Lesson Levels

  3. "RAYS" Your Skills Levels

    Learn about the growth swimming levels at the Aquatic Center.

  4. "FIN"ishing Levels

    Learn about the solidification swimming levels.

  5. Adult Lessons

    Learn about the adult swim lessons available at the Aquatic Center.